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Naber Produce CSA 2021

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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a relationship between you and your farmer. When you purchase the CSA, you purchase a “farm share” in exchange for fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, you get the convenience of having a variety of products packaged in one bag for one price.

Membership Details

We invite you to enjoy locally grown, healthful, flavorful, and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. We select produce varieties for their taste and quality, raise them under the best possible conditions, and carefully wash and package them for you.

When you decide the CSA is for you, you will sign a contract and pre-pay for the season for either a full share ($20.00 per week) or partial share ($12.00 per week). Each week you will receive seasonal produce relative to the share size you select.

Contact us to get your contract by calling the farm or emailing us (information at the bottom of the page)

Share size

Choose between two share sizes to receive in your delivery.  Our full share will contain a variety of produce and is about right for a family of four. Our partial share will contain the same variety of produce but half as much. 

Subscription 1 
Subscription 2  Subscription 3
 May 10th - July 7th July 12th - Sept. 8th Sept. 13th - Nov.10th
                                                                                                                                   (not available in Lincoln)
             Full share: $180                              Full share: $180                                  Full share: $180
          Partial share: $108                        Partial share: $$108                             Partial share: $96                                 

Drop Locations

We will have one drop location for each town (Lincoln,York, Waco, Gresham, and Utica). Naber Produce will send one person, once a week, to your designated drop location for a selected period of time. It will be your responsibility to pick up your share during this time.


Part of the CSA “farm share” involves sharing in the risks involved in crop production. Consequently the variety and quantity of produce in your “share” is subject to what we have available on a weekly basis, which is greatly influenced by the weather. Even though we have the capability to grow produce undercover, we are still subject to pests, plant disease, frost, hail, tornadoes, and damaging winds.  All of these risks may result in partial or in extreme cases total crop loss. How will this affect you? Your share may have less produce or none of certain items. If this occurs we will do our best to compensate for such items with extra of something else or more produce the following week.  If a tornado wipes us out, for example, you may not receive any produce. This is all part of the risk you now share with the farmer. However, it is important to note that complete crop loss is extremely rare. In years past, we have had several damaging hail storms but we still had ample produce to supply all our locations.


Once you commit, we plant, harvest, wash, and pack your share for you. If you decide not to take your share one week not only will you miss that week’s produce you will not be refunded for that week. If at any point during the CSA term you decided to drop out you will not be reimbursed for any missed shares, the reason for this is because we have already invested the time and money in producing the crop for you.

Contact us

In order to receive a contract you can reach us by phone or e-mail. We do screen our calls so please leave a message when you call.

Naber Produce Farm, LLC
1008 Rd R
York, NE 68467

Phone: (402)-728-5565