small green bean


Owners Greg and Kathy

We began growing high quality produce in 1992. In 1997, we moved to land previously owned by Greg’s grandfather near York, NE. It is here that we grow a wide variety of produce to supply our roadside stands, farmers markets, local grocery stores, schools, and restaurants.

Unheated tunnels protect a majority of the plants we grow from the elements; we currently have  six tunnels like the one pictured. All of our plants are grown in the soil, no hydroponics, so they have the flavor you know and love.

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zucchini growing in a greenhouse

You of receive the highest quality vegetables or fruits possible because we put everything into refrigeration, appropriate for each crop, as soon as possible after harvest. Quality control begins with seed selection and continues right up to the point of sale! So look us up and bring a friend, we look forward to serving you!

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