CSA Program

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a relationship between you and your farmer. When you purchase the CSA, you purchase a “farm share” in exchange for fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, you get the convenience of having a variety of products packaged in one bag for one price.

We invite you to enjoy locally grown, healthful, flavorful, and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. We select produce varieties for their taste and quality, raise them under the best possible conditions, and carefully wash and package them for you.

When you decide the CSA is for you, you will sign a contract and pre-pay for the season for either a full share ($22.00 per week) or partial share ($13.22 per week). Each week you will receive seasonal produce relative to the share size you select.

Choose between two share sizes to receive in your delivery.  Our full share will contain a variety of produce and is about right for a family of four. Our partial share will contain the same variety of produce but half as much. 

Term 1Term 2Term 3
May 13th – July 13thJuly 15th – Sept 13thSept 16th – Nov 1st
Full Share $198
Partial Share $119
Full Share $198
Partial Share $119
Full Share $154
Partial Share $92.54
Not Available in Lincoln

We will have one drop location for each town (Lincoln, York, Waco, Gresham, and Utica). Naber Produce will send one person, once a week, to your designated drop location for a selected period of time. It will be your responsibility to pick up your share during this time.

Download a copy of the contract, fill it out, and mail it with your check to sign up! You may also email your completed contract. Term 1 registration closes March 1st.

Part of the CSA farm share means you share in the risks of crop production. Factors like pests, plant diseases, and weather can influence the variety and quantity of produce each week.Sometimes this could result in less produce or even no certain items in your share. If this happens, the farm will try to make up for it by giving you extra of something else or more produce the next week. In rare cases, like if there’s a tornado, you might not get any produce at all. But complete crop loss is rare. Even when we’ve had bad weather in the past, we still had enough produce for everyone.

Once you commit, we plant, harvest, wash, and pack your share for you. If you decide not to take your share one week not only will you miss that week’s produce you will not be refunded for that week. At any point during the CSA term, if you decided to drop out, you will not be reimbursed for any missed shares, the reason for this is because we have already invested the time and money in producing the crop for you.

Cancellation of your CSA before the term begins is eligible for a full refund.