sweet corn

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn quality begins with seed selection and continues right up to the point of sale.

We grow of a type of sweet corn known as Se (sugar enhanced) or, another version, Synergistic. There are even sweeter versions available known as SH2. However, they tend to have a tougher pericarp (skin on the seed), lack the true corn flavor, and creamy texture.

The season begins with some early maturing varieties that produce an ear of corn in a short period. These varieties are typically very short and have limited leaf surface area. This results in a smaller ear and a little less flavor than our later, full season varieties. If you are from Nebraska, those little inconveniences don’t matter all that much, it seems that none of us can wait for that first taste of a fresh ear of sweet corn right from the farm.

To bring in that first crop even earlier than would normally be possible, we use a very thin bio-degradable plastic. This speeds up the maturity as much as 2 full weeks versus conventional methods.

The season quickly progress into the mid-season varieties. They have excellent flavor and the ears are considerably bigger than early varieties.

Weather permitting, by about July 20th or so, the full season corn has matured. These varieties have the best flavor and the largest ear size. Through staggered plantings, these provide us with excellent quality sweet corn through the end of the season.

We use chilled water to remove field heat from the ears of sweet corn as soon as possible after picking in a process called hydro-cooling. After a 30 to 45 minute shower, it goes into our refrigerated storage room and is held at 36 degrees. The rapid cooling slows the conversion of sugars into starch, preserving taste for customers. At market time, we place 60 to 75 lbs. of ice on top and cover with an insulated cover to keep it cold.